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LOLA is young!


The first harvest dates from October 2011. But LOLA has a history, as it is the result of 16 years of fruit refinement. LOLA is the creation of Ir. P. de Sonnaville. In 1995, Sonnaville cross-fertilised the Gloster and Meiprinses apple varieties in his orchard in Altforst in the Dutch province of Gelderland. He then cross-fertilised the outcome with the Elstar.

The result: LOLA was born!



An apple needs to look pretty. But ultimately, it’s all about the flavour. This is difficult to describe in words. In LOLA’s case, the flavour is just as unique as the apple’s striking deep pink colour. LOLA is crisp, firm and extremely juicy. According to experts, LOLA tastes 70% sweet and 30% refreshing.

Let’s just say that Lola is simply tremendously tasty.



LOLA is now being cultivated by more and more fruit growers across the Netherlands. You can find a list of locations below. This means that the LOLA apples you purchase in the store never need to travel very far.

And that, in turn, is good for the environment.